NEW 01.05
NEW - Screws despite Confirmat !
Despite using CONFIRMAT 6,4 x 50 - use StarTurn CPP 4,0 x 50, RAPID 2000 4,0 x 50
Despite using confirmat screws for furniture assembling we recommend to use countersunk chipboard screws with many special patents which are very helpful and thanks to them it is not necessary to predrill material.

There are two types of screws in offer of ASTRA TRADE, which meets those expectations:
  1. STARTURN screw with patented thread STARFORM, countersunk head with special ribs or pockets under the head (for easier insertion into chipboard) and partial thread (for better connection of two sheets of chipboard). STARTURN screw is available with Pz 2 recess or Tx 20 recess and white zinc plated.
  1. RAPID 2000 screw with special double thread (fast screw), countersunk head with special deep pockets under the head of the screw (for easier insertion into chipboard and also they keep all waste created while screwing) RAPID 2000 is available only with Tx20 recess and yellow zinc plated.
Strength of keeping the screw in the chipboard is comparable with strength of keeping confirmat screw in the chipboard (the same thread surface)

Price of STARTURN screw and RAPID 2000 screw is also comparable to confirmat screw.

The most imporatant value is time saving and possibility of connecting
any furniture elements at the customers place without predrilling !!!


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